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Holiday rental Clermont-Ferrand

Holiday rentals Châtel-Guyon / Clermont-Ferrand Book your holidays in Châtel-Guyon / Clermont-Ferrand

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Holiday rental Châtel-Guyon / Clermont-Ferrand

A relaxing stay in Châtel-Guyon in France

How about taking some time for yourself? Treat yourself to a holiday in Châtel-Guyon in the Puy-de-Dôme

This pretty little Auvergne town is located on the edge of one of the largest plains in France: La Limagne. This charming and vibrant town has one of the most important thermal spas in France, with waters rich in magnesium, and unique in Europe! So why not take advantage of what this unique city has to offer? 

Create memories with your holiday rental in the Puy-de-Dôme (France)

When in the Auvergne, the volcanoes are a must-see. Auvergne has a very impressive volcanic heritage! We recommend that you explore these volcanoes, each more beautiful than the last, with the numerous hikes that this region offers. 

Two hours drive from your holiday rental in Châtel-Guyon is Cantal, the largest volcano in Europe. This huge volcano stretches for more than 70km and offers trails for relaxed walkers as well as for serious hikers. There's something for everyone here. 

Beyond these impressive volcanic landscapes, you can also visit the historical monuments which characterise the commune of Châtel-Guyon. Like most spa towns in France, Châtel-Guyon has a casino and a theatre in the centre of town. You can visit this theatre which opened its doors over 100 years ago, in 1901! A remarkable building built in 1898 by the architect Albert Le Voisvenel. The iconic Grands Thermes buildings of the Châtel-guyon resort are listed in the Inventaire supplémentaire des bâtiments Historiques (historic building status) and are also worth a visit. For art lovers, you can take in the 800m2 of vast frescoes by Estonian painter Nicolaï Greschny covering the walls and ceilings of St. Anne's Church, a true technical and artistic masterpiece!

Only 30 minutes drive from your vacation rental in the Puy-de-Dôme, you will also be able to discover the beautiful French city of Clermont Ferrand.

It is in a city rich in history and cultural heritage that you will be able to discover the gothic style Cathedral Notre Dame de l'Assomption de Clermont and the Basilica Notre Dame du Port. You will be able to walk and stroll in the streets of the medieval district of the city, but also to visit the various museums which proposes this Clermont Ferrand. For art lovers, we recommend the Roger-Quilliot Art Museum where Romanesque and Gothic virgin statues and portraits and paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries are on display. For history buffs, head for the Bargoin Museum, where you can discover a department dedicated to archaeology and specifically to the archaeological riches of the excavations carried out on the territory of Clermont Ferrand. Finally, for nature lovers, you can discover the Henri-Lecoq Museum, which will present the natural heritage of Auvergne through more than 50,000 samples of rocks, fossils and minerals.

Aïga Resort Thermal**** : your holiday rental in Châtel-Guyon

After a beautiful hike, relax in your Aïga Resort Thermal**** holiday home in Châtel-Guyon.  Imagine lounging in a 100% natural thermal spa with a natural water pool, massage cabins, hammans, whirlpools... Are you there yet?

Located only 30 minutes from the Auvergne metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand, your Aïga Resort Thermal**** holiday residence awaits you with beautiful, modern and comfortable apartments that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. 

And don't forget that your holiday rental in Auvergne has a nutri-gastronomic restaurant! A restaurant with a more than innovative concept that offers a menu developed by a nutrition specialist and that meets your nutritional needs during your stay in Châtel-Guyon! So, convinced yet?

Loisirs, détente et bien être les vacances à votre rythme

Les sentiers du Cantal en Auvergne The paths of the Cantal

Two hours drive from the town of Châtel-Guyon, you will be able to hike on the trails of the Cantal. You will discover 178 marked trails, 1584km in total! So don't forget your walking shoes! All along these paths, you will have the opportunity to discover nature reserves, heritage buildings, and local products! Don't worry, there are trails for all levels! From the casual walker to the serious hiker!

Parcours Découverte du Patrimoine Châtel-Guyon Heritage Discovery Tour

The town of Châtel-Guyon offers a route to follow to discover its heritage. On the programme: the famous Grands Thermes, the Parc Thermal with its refreshment stands and old shops, the Fontaine Communale dating from the 19th century, the Caves which are situated on Place de l'Orme, the Church of Saint-Anne with its magnificent frescoed ceilings, and finally the Hôtel du Parc on Avenue de Brocqueville. You will make a one-hour, one-kilometre loop starting from the Avenue de Russie.

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