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Holiday residence rental at Vannes

Holiday rentals Vannes Book your holidays in Vannes

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Holiday rental Vannes

Holidays in Vannes (Plescop): in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan

Between land and sea, Vannes lies at the very heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, in Brittany. This port town from Medieval times is located just 10 minutes from your holiday accommodation in Plescop and enjoys a rich heritage. The Saint Pierre Cathedral faces on to la Cohue, the ancient marketplace from the Middle Ages which today is home to the Museum of the Beaux Arts. Don’t forget to taste the Rhuys tome and the Guemene andouille.

A refreshing change of scenery at your holiday rental in Vannes

However much you enjoy wandering through the French gardens and the timber houses of Vannes, you can’t ignore the sea for long. Set sail for the Ile aux Moines, Ile d’Arz, or one of the many other islands nestled around the Gulf of Morbihan. If you haven’t got sea legs, why not spend your time at the local 18-hole golf courses instead? Wandering along the Breton beaches will do you some good too, breathing in a deep breath of sea air. 

History fans can head off in search of Chateau Gaillard, the former parliament of Brittany converted into a museum of History and Archaeology. You can also visit the Vannes ramparts and gardens, just 6km from your holiday accommodation in Plescop.

Residence Ker Goh Lenn***: your Vannes holiday rental (Plescop)

Come and stay in a studio or apartment at the residence Ker Goh Lenn***: your Vannes holiday rental with a pool in Plescop. Just a stone’s throw from Vannes, they offer a tranquil environment perfect for relaxation with a pool, fitness area and wellbeing area. At this Green Key certified residence, we also take care of the environment! By choosing our Vannes holiday rental, you are opting for an eco-friendly holiday.

Nearby shops and services

Morbihan Cruise to the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan has no less than 55 islands and islets: you can reach some of them by boat, by car or on foot even for a few (beware, some islands are private). If you opt for the boat crossing, think about taking bicycles on board to better discover these bits of land, or your swimsuit to enjoy the seaside pleasures.

Kouign-amann Do not leave without...

... having eaten a Kouign-amann. This Breton pastry was invented during a flour shortage. The good idea was to replace the flour by... butter! So it is as much to say that this caramelized (and well buttered) puff pastry is a killer.

Roi Arthur Around the legend of King Arthur and Merlin the Enchanter

Head for the Suscinio Castle, which was one of the favorite residences of the Dukes of Brittany. The visit will particularly appeal to children: immersive scenic tour in the West dwelling, animations around the castle, hunting camp in the meadows, guided tours in the marshes and night show!

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