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Location vacances juillet

Where to go on holiday in July?

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Where to go on holiday in July?

July is without a doubt the summer holiday's star month, even if August is right on its heels. Thanks to our advice, you will surely find a good deal to cheaply go on holiday in July! 

A holiday rental by the sea in July 

In July, the sea is the ideal destination for you to recharge your batteries. It allows you to combine relaxation and water activities, such as canoeing, kitesurfing and scuba diving. In short, in July at the seaside, there's a lot of fun to be had. For complete relaxation, you can count on Vacanceole for your July holiday rental. 

Why not succumb to the charms of Brittany, in the residence Le Domaine des Glenan****, in Glenan? Unless you prefer to succumb to the song of the cicadas, at the residence Les Calanques du Parc***, in Frejus. In both cases, you won't want to leave your holiday apartment just a stone's throw from the beach!

July holidays in the countryside

In July, the countryside is an excellent alternative to a holiday by the sea. No need to leave your swimsuit in the closet: you can swim in a lake or a swimming pool! At this time of year, outdoor activities such as hiking, or horseback riding are available to you. 

For a cheap holiday rental in July, the Vacanceole Group recommends the residence Les Demeures du Ventoux***. This holiday rental complete with swimming pool and kids’ club will allow you to discover Provence and Luberon.Unless you prefer the holiday village Le Village des Oiseaux (LPO Refuge, meaning bird sanctuary): the first Vacanceole village in Savoy, with its outdoor activities centre and eco-responsible approach.