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Location vacances Languedoc-Rousillon

Languedoc-Roussillon Holiday rentals in Languedoc-Roussillon

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Ah, Languedoc-Roussillon... Do you hear the cicadas? What about the singing accent that seems to be tinged with sweet Catalan phrasing? Can you feel the sun caressing your skin and making the culinary specialties of the region shine? Discover the region, for a wonderful holiday in Languedoc-Roussillon!

Languedoc-Roussillon, or Occitania?

Both of them, sir! Because Languedoc-Roussillon is part of the new region called Occitania. A new name that pays homage to the rich history and traditions of Languedoc-Roussillon, made up of the departments of Aude (11), Gard (30), Herault (34), Lozere (48) and Pyrenees-Orientales (66). In short, a region that stretches from north to south, from the Massif Central to the Pyrenees, and touches Spain and Andorra. Languedoc-Roussillon is fortunate to have cities with a preserved architectural heritage: Beziers, Sete, Montpellier, Nimes, Narbonne, Ales, Perpignan... Traces of the Roman occupation are numerous in this region, the earliest occupied by our transalpine neighbours. If we had to mention only one, let's mention the most grandiose, the Pont du Gard. But of course, there are also the arenas of Nimes, or the old town of Narbonne. Medieval fortresses and citadels are not to be outdone either, as evidenced by the Carcassonne ramparts, or the Albi cathedral (with a particular fondness for the bishopric's gardens!). 

Several cities are worth a detour from your holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon: Perpignan and its Catalan culture, Toulouse the pink city, or Collioure on the Cote Vermeille, and Sete for its magnificent port. However, it is for its seaside towns on the Mediterranean coast that the region is undoubtedly best known: Argeles-sur-Mer, Le Cap d'Agde, Valras-Plage, Le Grau-du-Roi, so many names that evoke endless fine sandy beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag, with water at 24°C, and a record 300 days of sunshine per year. In short, all this will make choosing your holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon for your next getaway even more difficult, won't it? 

A range of activities available from your Languedoc-Roussillon holiday rental

What are the activities for the holidays? Before booking your holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon, the question deserves some thought. The activities offered by the Occitania region are such that you will have to think carefully to be able to do everything you plan to do during your stay. Fans of farniente will have a lot to do to choose the most beautiful beach of the Languedoc coast, 220 kilometres long, between the Camargue in Gard and the Cote Vermeille. But the more sporty ones will be satisfied too, because there is no lack of activities near the Mediterranean Sea: 

  • Funboarding,
  • Windsurfing,
  • Kitesurfing,
  • Sailboating,
  • Stand up paddle,
  • Sea kayaking,
  • Jet-ski,
  • Scuba diving,
  • Golf course with a view of the sea...

You can also hike along the coastal path, cycle in the natural parks, or go horseback riding by the sea and around the ponds. And that's just the activities near the sea! For the Languedoc-Roussillon region holds countless inland hidden treasures as well. 

If you love cultural heritage, take advantage of your holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon to be amazed in Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, one of the most beautiful villages in France. Thrill-seekers can plunge into the Cabrespine chasm, one of the deepest in Europe, or take part in canyoning in the Pyrenean torrents. Travellers who prefer to take their time on the water will enjoy a cruise along the Canal du Midi, bordered by its hundred-year-old trees, or a hike to a lake nestled in a Pyrenean valley. Spain being at the gateway to the Languedoc-Roussillon region, nothing could be easier than a change of scenery when visiting the Catalan country to admire the architectural wonders of Gaudi in Barcelona. 

Your holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon, France: right under the sun! 

We must admit it, the Occitania region has a long tradition of welcoming tourists. Therefore, the choice of holiday rentals in Languedoc-Roussillon is vast. And when we say "vast", we mean "very, very vast"! The Vacanceole Group offers about twenty Languedoc-Roussillon holiday rentals. So the hardest part is going to be making up your mind. To help you choose, you can first choose what kind of destination you want: 

Once this choice has been made, all you have to do is ask yourself what type of accommodation you would like to book for a holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon, France: apartment, studio (with balcony), individual house or villa with private swimming pool, suite in a top-of-the-range hotel... and the number of people accompanying you. 

The Vacanceole Group offers many holiday rentals with a swimming pool in Languedoc-Roussillon, and they sometimes even host a kids’ club, so that parents too can relax. Your holiday rental in Languedoc-Roussillon with kids’ club offers to take care of your little ones for part of the day, so that you too can enjoy yourself as you should! 

Vacanceole has been committed for many years to a policy of fair and sustainable tourism for eco-friendly holidays. Many Vacanceole residences have been awarded the Green Key label, and others (or the same ones, sometimes!) have become LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) refuges. All you have to do is choose the residence that will meet all your desires, for a successful responsible holiday!