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Vacancéole Séminaire

Who are we ?

One of France's top 5 rental product managers, Vacancéole offers holidays to suit all needs, desires and budgets, throughout France: by the sea, in the mountains, or in the countryside

Since its establishment in 2009, Vacancéole has managed, operated, and marketed almost 100 holiday apartment complexes in France.

Vacancéole now has over 70 destinations, 6,000 apartments, 30,000 beds, and 350 employees. 

Since July 2023, Vacancéole has been part of the Villages clubs du Soleil group.

Our mission?

We create moments that count... that become unforgettable.

We're the kind of people who make holidays easy. We maintain close proximity to all our customers, both geographically and on a personal level.

We advocate a human, empathetic and close approach in our interactions with holidaymakers.

We advocate an almost artisanal approach to holidays, with no standardisation and applying our own unique expertise. Every destination is different, and so every apartment complex, every welcome, and every experience must be different; unique.

We promote France as a holiday destination. The fact that our entire selection of holiday destinations is in France is not just because we're French. It's because we're convinced that we all still have so much to discover about our beautiful country, but also, on a more practical level, because travelling less distance without feeling like you're having to compromise is a genuine and sustainable response to today's ecological and economic challenges.

Vacancéole. Travel, but closer.

In 2023, we welcomed almost 470,380 travellers to our apartment complexes.


Aware of the current and future challenges for society, we strive to ensure our development is responsible and sustainable. 

  • The fact that 10 of our tourist complexes have been awarded the Clef Verte label is a reflection of our hard work in this area. (find out more) 
  • What's more, we've built a solid partnership with the French League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).  Consequently, 5 of our apartment complexes have been granted the Refuge LPO© label. 

Lastly, we work day in, day out, to ensure we're constantly making progress in terms of the 3 pillars of sustainable development.

most peaceful holiday destinations

« 'In 2020, 750,000 of you chose Vacancéole for your holidays!' »

Fact and Figures