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Favourite destinations

Vacanceole: your countryside holiday accommodation 

Get back to nature by booking your countryside holiday accommodation! The best way to reenergize and reconnect with what matters: the natural world, your family and friends, and... yourself. However, anyone who dares ask the fateful question: “But what do you do on holiday in the countryside?” (hinting that there’s nothing to do) has without a doubt never been on holiday to the countryside. Nevertheless, they’ll soon discover how many varied and exciting activities there are on offer. And most importantly, that there’s something for all ages and interests! 

By booking a house, chalet or apartment in the countryside in one of our many Vacanceole residences, you’ll discover a region of France that is well known for its natural beauty and/or architectural heritage. You’ll also meet the locals who are very attached to their territory, their values and their culture, eager to share their love for their country with you. 

However, holidays in the countryside can also be active holidays packed with sports: bike rides, hiking trail rentals, ziplining, treetop adventure courses, swimming in the lakes and rivers, canoeing in the most beautiful gorges of France... 

Holidays in the countryside all over France 

Are you ready for a tour of the most beautiful countryside holidays destinations in France with Vacanceole? Our residences are ready to welcome you across all parts of France!

Feel like some sunshine? Head for Languedoc Roussillon, in the Mediterranean back country, to the enchanting natural landscapes and scenery dating back to Roman times. Fans of heritage won’t ever want to leave. 

If you can hear the cicadas calling to you, Vacanceole’s countryside residences in the French Riviera are ready to welcome you, especially in the Pays de Fayence and Peymeinade, beside Grasse. The hills are a real sight to behold, adorned with the colours of the beautiful flowers grown here! 

Next up, a treat for your taste buds, choose a countryside holiday residence in Aubignan, Provence, at the foot of Mount Ventoux and its well-known vineyards. Vacanceole also offers rentals in the South West, in the pretty Languedoc village of Homps, between Minervois and Corbieres; or in the Midi Pyrenees, where Albi will amaze you with the architectural feats of stonemasons from days gone by. 

Further inland, Vacanceole offers a number of countryside destinations in Correze, Perigord, Ardeche, Drome, Brittany, Savoie, Indre et Loire and even Lot et Garonne. So many wonderful and often little-known regions to discover, to explore and to keep coming back to, as you won’t manage to capture all these wonders in just one trip to the countryside! 

Yet “the countryside” is a generic term, that can be a little reductive. It would be more accurate to say “the countrysides”, seeing as the different destinations on offer with Vacanceole in France are rich with varied landscapes. Between the magnificence of the Chateaux de la Loire and the authenticity of a village in Jura, there’s a whole world to discover... 

What to do while holidaying in the countryside?

A question that’s hard to answer, not because there isn’t much to do, quite the opposite, simply because there are so many activities on offer that it’s hard to mention them all! 

By booking your countryside holiday accommodation, you can marvel at the chateaux while strolling through the most beautiful villages in France, taking it all in. You’ll also get to discover the local history and traditions on the themed walks or at the regional museums. 

After your intellectual efforts, some downtime: don’t miss trying out the regional culinary specialities. To digest it all, would you choose a romantic stroll on a walking trail, a walk beside the water, or a bike ride with friends, or even a geocaching trip to get the kids involved? You can then go and visit a farm to pet some of the animals, try your hand at fishing for some trout in the river, or have a siesta in the forest. Believe us when we say it’s impossible to decide: save some of the activities for your next holiday to the countryside.

Comfortable countryside holiday accommodation

How do you like your countryside holidays with Vacanceole? All types of accommodation are available for rent: campsites or mobile home rentals for those who want to live in harmony with nature, a chalet for an authentic stay, elegant countryside holiday cottages, hotel rooms for the luxury of not having to worry about anything, an apartment with a balcony or a villa with a private pool and patio area for enjoying the calm...

How about some countryside holiday accommodation with a pool and wellbeing area, including a steam room and/or jacuzzi, for the ultimate in relaxation? What’s more, for total relaxation, some of our Vacanceole residences offer kids’ clubs in the countryside. These kids’ clubs are adapted for all ages, so your little ones can easily make friends and do exciting activities with qualified entertainers. Making plenty of memories to take home for school starting back! 

Holidays in the countryside means nature, and nature means... Ecology! Here at Vacanceole, eco-friendly holidays in the countryside are at the heart of what we do. Our work in support of responsible tourism has been a huge success, as demonstrated by obtaining the Green Key label for some of our residences, such as the residence Le Clos du Rocher*** in Eyzies-de-Tayac, and the residence Le Domaine du Bosquet*** in Egletons. And if there’s nothing you like more than the sound of birds singing, the residence Le Domaine du Lac in Chateauneuf-sur-Isere, in Drome and the holiday village Village des Oiseaux in Motz, in Savoie are sure to become your favourite destinations, as they have been recognised as bird sanctuaries by the French League for the Protection of Birds.