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Morbihan Holiday rentals in Morbihan

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What do you prefer most about Brittany? Its countryside or the sea? By booking your next holiday rental in Morbihan in a Vacanceole residence, you will not have to choose, because you will find everything in Morbihan. This French department is the reflection of a rich culture, which has left its mark on architecture, heritage and traditions. 

Morbihan: the southernmost of the Breton departments

Morbihan is a department where the colors blue and green dominate. In the hinterland, it is covered with immense forests, and in particular the most famous of all: the Broceliande forest. Surrounded by a thousand legends, it is said that the Druids still practice magic there. But the department is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, which fills and empties the estuaries of its rivers according to the tides. The ocean is omnipresent in this department and it has drawn the endless coastline which stretches for 800 kilometers. This also includes the coastline of the innumerable islands which are in the Gulf of Morbihan, as well as those which are further into the sea: Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Groix, Houat and Hoedic, to name only the inhabited islands. No doubt: from your holiday rental in Morbihan, you will enjoy a simply magical view!

Vannes is the prefecture of Morbihan, although it is less populated than Lorient. This curiosity is undoubtedly due to the history of the port city of Lorient, which was spelled "L’Orient" in the past: maybe a proof that it was the door to distant lands. A rich history, therefore, linked in particular to the fact that, from the 17th century, the East India Company established its headquarters there, and that it was an important military arsenal under the Ancien Regime. 

It is impossible to book a stay in a holiday rental in Morbihan without thinking of the interceltic festival of Lorient, which brings together artists from the Celtic world each year. And it stretches from Brittany to Australia, via Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Galicia, Asturias, Acadia and the Isle of Man! 

Holiday accommodation in the Morbihan is also the ideal opportunity to taste the local specialties: andouille de Guemene, Breton cake, and, of course, seafood.

Activities for everyone from your holiday rental in Morbihan

There is no shortage of activities in Morbihan, and they do not all require sea legs, far from it! Obviously, it is difficult to book a holiday rental in Morbihan without spending a few days at the beach, whether in Damgan, Ambon, Billiers, but also the beaches of the Quiberon peninsula and those of Belle-Ile-en-Mer. When you think of the sea you think of swimming in water with a quite pleasant temperature (thanks to the Gulf Stream), but also idleness, sunbathing and various and varied nautical activities. 

Nature lovers can marvel at the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan. You can watch birds, hike, go shore fishing, take a cruise, or visit Branfere Park, in Le Guerno. It is a botanical and animal garden where more than a thousand animals from around the world live in semi-freedom.

Further inland, the Morbihan Center is also teeming with activities:

  • Take a cruise on the Blavet Canal or pedal along its towpaths; 
  • Discover the menhirs that Obelix forgot here and there in the department (and not only in Carnac); 
  • Visit the inhabited islands for a complete change of scenery; 
  • Admire the chapels and calvaries whose heritage has been preserved by enthusiasts; 
  • Or go horseback riding in the Broceliande forest with your whole family.

As for culture, visit the Postcard Museum in Baud, the village de l’an mil in Melrand or the Chouans house in Bignan, to learn more about the peasant uprising. And don’t forget to go for a walk in the historic center of Vannes, right next to your holiday rental in Morbihan... In short, Brittany has many surprises! 

From Vannes to Rochefort-en-Terre: your holiday rentals in Morbihan

The Vacanceole Group has thought of everything required for a successful holiday in the heart of Brittany and offers you several holiday rentals with swimming pool in Morbihan. Choose the studios, apartments and houses of the residence Ker Goh Lenn *** in Plescop, near Vannes, and enjoy the heated swimming pool, the gym and the wellness area.

The residence Ker Goh Lenn*** has obtained the Green Key label, which rewards the efforts in favor of sustainable tourism implemented by the Vacanceole Group. This especially involves paying particular attention to controlling energy and water consumption, supporting local producers and activities that respect the environment, and raising travellers' awareness of eco-gestures, which help protect the environment and make it possible to enjoy the countless beauties of Morbihan for many years to come... So, by choosing a vacation rental with Vacanceole, you are guaranteed to spend an eco-friendly holiday in Morbihan.

From Lorient to Ploermel, via Vannes, choosing a holiday rental in Morbihan with Vacanceole, is ensuring you enjoy the most beautiful riches of the department: from the coast to its traditions, without forgetting its specialties, monuments and the whole history of the department.